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Skull Rings are used as a memoir of a Loved

After Life

Irrespective of whether you believe in reincarnation or not, skull rings are used as a memoir of a loved one passing away and the belief that there is life after death. Rather than portraying a grim reminder that death looms large over us, it is considered as a celebration of the life that happens after one dies. People have crafted their skull rings from precious metals and accessorized it gemstones to customize it.

It’s a staple for rock lovers

If you love rock, then you must have your own skull ring collection and wouldn’t be caught without it on your fingers. Be it Keith Richards from Rolling Stones who has sported the skull ring forever or Steve Tyler or Axel Rose, almost every rock star has used skull jewelry in one way or the other. Steve’s skull rings are crafted by ‘Courts and Hackett’, the London based jewelers. But you don’t need to spend anything nearly close. You can find skull rings made of stainless steel or sterling silver which look equally good and are available in a whole array of stunning designs.

Because it is cool

And if you do not need to associate it with symbolism, skull rings look insanely cool. They represent freedom, individuality and the fact that you don’t adhere with the rules set by society. You make your own rules and you live your life by them.

Source: Quora by Angela Mia
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