Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Office Supporter Pillow


Luxlady Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Office Decor Wrist Supporter Pillow Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Seamless Vector Background


  • 1 piece per order. Base Size Measure 16x4x1 Inches. This length makes it easy to use at your desk top computer keyboard but also at your laptop. Fit for Most Laptop Computer Keyboards, including Gaming Keyboards.
  • The Keyboard Wrist Rest is made of High Quality satin fabric filed with premium Foam. Foam can molds to your wrist giving the user all-day comfort. This Keyboard Wrist Rest easily conforms to wrists without restricting motion and helps maintain a neutral wrist position.
  • Durable cloth surface is dust and stain resistant. Amazing image design that makes your Keyboard Wrist Rest unique. Note: Fabric surface may differ from the pictures. The keyboard rests are handmade so no two are exactly the same.