Comfort Earbud with Microphone and Remote


Skullcandy Strum Maximum Comfort Earbud with Universal In-Line Microphone and Remote, Supreme Sound Acoustics, Flexible Design To Match All Ears, Tug and Pull Resistant, Street/Black


  • Flexible design for comfort: many people’s ear canals differ more in directionality than they do in size. That’s why our brix tech uses A flexible design to adjust to the natural direction of your ear canal for the perfect fit.
  • Noise-isolating fit: Step up in comfort with our off-axis tech. Instead of a perfectly round and straight nozzle, which doesn’t match your ear shape, off-axis uses an angled and oval-shaped design for improved comfort and better noise isolation.
  • Hold in place: never again experience the irritation of earbuds that just won’t stay put. Our fix tech utilizes a hook-shape design that resists tugging and pulling, keeping your earbuds in place.