Bulk Halloween Candy Assortment



Bulk Halloween Candy Assortment. Keep your Halloween party guests smiling and satisfied with a variety bag of M&M’S milk chocolate, SNICKERS chocolate candy bars, TWIX caramel cookie bars, MILKY WAY caramel chocolate bars & 3 MUSKETEERS chocolate candy. Combining a variety of milk chocolate and decadent fillings, these bite-size candies are ideal for sharing with large groups of family members and friends. Get ready for the spooky Halloween season by stocking the pantry, pumpkins, and trick or treat bags with everyone’s favourite nostalgic candy. You could even put these individually wrapped assorted chocolates out in a bowl during a movie or sporting event, pack them in school lunches or fill up the office candy bowl to give co-workers a treat.

This candy assortment contains a variety of classic chocolate candy that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Try incorporating different flavours into your baking projects to create uniquely delicious treats. Add a few creamy MILKY WAY Candies to your ice cream sundae or top your brownies with a few M&M’S Milk Chocolate candies. These bite-sized sweets are bold in flavour to help you celebrate the holidays no matter the time of year, too! Stuff stockings, prepare Easter baskets, create Valentine’s Day desserts and fill Halloween candy bowls with a variety of chocolates.