Boxing Gloves for Training MMA Muay Thai Premium


Boxing Gloves for Training MMA Muay Thai Premium Quality Guaranteed Synthetic Leather Infused Gel Gloves for Punching Heavy Bags, Sparring, Kickboxing, Fighting Gloves Skull Model


  • PERFORMANCE: These boxing training gloves perfectly molded design allows for better fist closure resulting in a balance of speed, comfort, and protection which increases the technique and efficiency of the Fighter. These boxing gloves for men are Ideal for Sparring Kickboxing gloves for women, heavy punching bag gloves, mitt work and for other training purposes
  • SECURE DESIGN: We put a lot of effort into creating a perfect and secure heavy bag gloves design that not only looks good but also performs extremely well. The women kickboxing gloves have an exclusive thumb lock feature for added thumb protection. Ideally designed kids boxing gloves for actual knuckle positioning.
  • THUMB SUPPORT: The most common injuries from striking is noted to be of your thumb, when it is not aligned with the fist. The exclusively and masterly manufactured thumb design gives you the confidence to train hard knowing your thumb is nicely protected. Attached thumb with inner-hose helps with fist formation and punch technique
  • HIGH COMFORT LEVEL: Due to light weight foam in the palm these muay thai gloves offer higher shock absorbency and reduce physical and mental debility. These sparring boxing gloves will protect both you and your opponent while training. Added pinholes in the palm and thumb reduces the moisture and keeps the womens boxing gloves dry.